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English Bulldog Puppy Take His First Steps Into Life – Watch This Adorable puppy

Tebow became an internet celebrity after his video earned more than a million views.

Puppies are without a doubt the cutest baby animals out there. Watch the little bulldog puppy take his first steps, and it is guaranteed: your heart will melt into an emotional puddle.

Baby dogs come first in the list of cuteness, and the clip we came across today only solidifies the claim. You’ll find yourself in awe after watching Tebow, the English Bulldog puppy, take his first steps in life.  Have you seen puppy play before? Catch their first ball? Or take their first steps? It is the most adorable thing you will ever see. Here is your chance.

Only three weeks old and Tebow is already walking, which says a lot about his brilliance and determination. He takes his first tiny steps and walks around exploring his whereabouts. Lucky for us, his parents managed to film it on camera and then post it on YouTube.

In the video’s description Tebow’s parents say that the pup and his siblings are all stars, but Tebow, in particular, is a superstar, and they left some great news as well; the pup is on his way to Hollywood, L.A., where he will spend the rest of his life with his new loving family in his forever home. We are happy for you Tebow!

As he takes his first steps and scoots his tiny body, Tebow makes the most adorable sounds that will leave you awing.

Source: http://www.urdogs.com


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