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Brave Stray Dog Escapes From Her Rescuers To Search For Her Litter Of Puppies – VIDEO

For a mother, there’s nothing more important than making sure that her little ones are doing OK. And this doesn’t only apply to humans, but animals as well.

Dog mamas are very attentive to their young and, as any mother would, do their best to ensure the safety of their pups while the litter is too small to fend for themselves.

Though dogs are usually separated from their mothers as soon as they are able to be, they maintain a strong connection as mother and child.

Just take a look at this puppy who hasn’t seen her mother since she was very little. They immediately recognize one another and are so happy to be reunited. It’s so sweet to watch them interact with one another.

That video is proof that even though puppies can be just as demanding as actual human babies, it doesn’t stop their mother from missing them when they are placed in other homes.

For stray dog Gypsy, her rescue was bittersweet.

Though she now has the opportunity to live with a nice family and be taken care of in a way that she hadn’t had the opportunity to before, she had one other very important thing on her mind. Her litter of puppies.

Gypsy knew that her puppies were still out there, and she wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of her finding them again!


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