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Dirty, true story about dog and dog loyalty !!!

Dog Hachiko – a symbol of loyalty, fidelity, attachment and love of a dog to man.
Have you ever heard a true, emotional, earthquake, and at the same time a wonderful and instructive story about the Achilles’ dog, called Hachiko?

If you do not, then read who was actually a magnificent dog Hachiko, why he entered the history and why he was proclaimed a Japanese national symbol of loyalty.
I’m pretty sure there will be very few who will remain indifferent to this touching centuries-old legend.
Dog Hachiko was a bull of golden brown color, an acute breed.
Born on October 10, 1923, on a farm near Odate.
At the time when Professor of Tokyo University, Hidesaburō Ueno, brought him to his home, Hachiko was a puppy of just two months.
He grew up surrounded by the love of professor Uen whom he strongly linked to, which will be shown in the continuation of his life.
Every day, with joy and enthusiasm, he watched his owner, Professor Uena, at Shibuya Railway Station (Shibuya, a Tokyo district built around the same station), from where the professor went to work at the Tokyo University.
After passing it, Hachiko returned home and in the afternoon around 17h he would return to the train station where he was waiting for a train in which he would be the favorite person.
And so it was every day. Always with the same fervor Hachiko let go and wait for the man who loved him immensely.
But this sad day came on May 21, 1925, when Hachik’s wait turned into eternity.
On that day his lord did not appear.
The train came, Hachiko looked at all the train passengers, but the most important thing was not there.
The train went, the passengers departed, and Hachiko remained alone, confused, disappointed and sad.

Namely, Professor Hidesaburō Ueno had a heart attack and died at work on that day.
But Hachiko persisted to come and wait for his master to return.
The next day he waited faithfully, looking impatiently by checking every passenger out of the train.
So the next day …. months ………. and years.
For nine years, Hachiko came to the Shybuya train station waiting for the beloved person.
Even after the professor’s family had given him rest, he did not forget Professor Ueno or the place where his master should appear.
He escaped from the new owners and continued to arrive at the station and faithfully wait, and after hours and hours of in vain waiting, he would go bareheaded in the unknown – himself and depressed.
Testimonies say that Hachik’s view, after he had checked the last passenger, was sad, disappointed and empty – but Hachiko never gave up.
From day to day, patiently, faithfully, faithfully, unconditionally he sat in the same place and waited.
Soon, among the everyday travelers, the story of the dog was widened, waiting in vain for his master who would never come again.
Dog Hachiko and his sad fate won the hearts of the nearby population and all the passengers, especially those who knew Professor Ueno.
His food was not lacking, as his people brought meals and fresh water every day.
But sorry in his eyes nothing could have been deported.
Hachiko continued to arrive at the train station at 17h and wait – every day until his death.
He marched on March 8 and was found on Shibuya Street, a few minutes after 17h.
The story of Hachiko, his idle wait and lofty loyalty, master, spread rapidly throughout Japan.
Hachiko becomes a Japanese symbol of loyalty, loyalty, friendship and love of a dog to man, and in front of the Sybuyi railway station is still its bronze statue that was raised at the initiative of Hidesaburo Ueno’s students.
The statue is set exactly where the dog has been waiting patiently and faithfully for years, every day.
There are many articles, stories and books written about Hashik, and two excellent films have been recorded.
The first film was taken in 1987, in Japan, directed by Seijirō Koyama, and is called Hachi-ko (Hachiko monogatari) – A story about Hachik.

Another very successful film from 2009 is the American adaptation of this hot and tedious story titled Hachi: A dog’s tale – Hachiko: A dog story.
He was directed by Lasse Hallström, and the main role was played by Forest, which in the film embodies Hachika and legendary Richard Gere as Hidesaburō Ueno, or Hachikov’s owner.
First of all, because of the truth of the story itself, but also for its excellent screenplay, direction and acting, this film has come to the positive criticisms of the world’s audience and almost no one left indifferent.
Many testify that they watched him and repeatedly experience each other with the same deep emotions every time.
If you have not done so now, be sure to check out this movie about the incredible loyalty of a dog that will surely touch you in your heart, lighten up, grow up, and some may even chatter.

And what to say – Hachiko is very likely to be hidden in every dog, and to the owner is the dog to have a reason to show the deep feelings he has shown to Hachiko.

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