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Socializing Your Puppy

Many dog owners have heard that socializing their puppy is important, but many do not know where to begin. It is important to show your puppy that not all people and animals pose a threat. Exposing your puppy to the world through proper socialization will help them develop into a …

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Britain’s oldest dog mauled to death on morning walk

Jack the Yorkshire terrier, who hit the headlines back in December last year after reaching the grand old age of 25 Britain’s oldest dog has been mauled to death while on a morning walk. Jack, a 25-year-old Yorkie, was attacked and bitten by a black lakeland terrier near its home …

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What Happens When A Dog Reverse Sneezes?

Reverse sneezing is a condition that affects all types of dogs, but more commonly smaller dogs such as miniatures, Terriers, and brachycephalic breeds. It is a “paroxysmal” respiratory response, meaning that it comes in spasm-like episodes. What Is Reverse Sneezing in Dogs? Reverse sneezing is a fairly common respiratory event …

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These pups are awesome!

AMAZING DOGS JUMP FROM HELICOPTERS AND BOATS TO SAVE LIVES he Italian Coast Guard has a specialized K9 unit dedicated to saving swimmers in distress. Newfoundlands, a dog breed known for their loyalty and sweet temperament, are trained as part of these units, and act as lifeguards for the many …

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The Versatility of German Shepherds

By random happenstance, I acquired a German Shepherd puppy in December of last year. This loveable goofball is my world now, and I am learning so much about his breed. He is smart, confident, protective, and loyal. It’s these qualities that are so prized in the whole breed, making it …

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