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Dirty, true story about dog and dog loyalty !!!

Dog Hachiko – a symbol of loyalty, fidelity, attachment and love of a dog to man. Have you ever heard a true, emotional, earthquake, and at the same time a wonderful and instructive story about the Achilles’ dog, called Hachiko? If you do not, then read who was actually a …

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5 Wonderful Dog Stories

1. CAIRO THE SEAL DOG Cairo the military dog was born and bred for the job. He is a Belgian Malinois, a shepherd breed that few were familiar with, until Cairo’s story became news. After Cairo trained to be a Military Working Dog at a young age, he advanced to …

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How to Socialize Your Dog (with Other Dogs & Humans)

Here’s the deal with socialization. During what’s called the “sensitive period” of very early life, puppies learn about what’s normal in the world. They’re not immune to fear or even trauma, but in general they accept whatever they have a pleasant encounter with. It’s almost as if they develop a …

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My best friend need to know

My best friend I think we are bunch of greedy losers. Instead of spreading greatness about animals we are sharing this nasty marketer news about negativity. We are getting likes, comments and shares on our posts for posting lay, disgusting news about poor animals, animal attacks etc….Just a few years …

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To the good dog trainer, you need to be able to read your dog – recognise what he’s about to do something wrong, and understand when to administer praise or a correction.  But it also helps to be able to understand a little canine communication and to communicate in a …

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Socializing Your Puppy

Many dog owners have heard that socializing their puppy is important, but many do not know where to begin. It is important to show your puppy that not all people and animals pose a threat. Exposing your puppy to the world through proper socialization will help them develop into a …

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